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Join our Franchisor Strategic Partnership Program

Imagine helping your franchisees build solid relationships with their clients. What if you could empower them to send e-mails and newsletters to their customers, simultaneously raising the sales and brand visibility of your entire company?

Sign up with Benchmark E-mail, a sophisticated, Web-based, affordable marketing system, and your franchisees can send out bulk e-mail and newsletters on everything from new products to new services to seasonal specials. Since we’ve recently launched a strategic partnership program for franchisors, we’d love to join forces with your company.

Enroll in our program and we’ll offer our e-mail marketing services - for a discount - to both your existing franchisees and new ones. Your franchisees pay the fees. We can also create custom templates to showcase your brand.

So, why should you join us? It’s simple. E-mail marketing is not only the new wave of customer management, it’s the gateway to new sales and clients. Recent studies show that each dollar spent on e-mail marketing yields more than $57 in sales. We’d like to help your franchisees reach and exceed that goal.

Here’s how Benchmark E-mail protects your brand:
We won’t let your franchisees spam their customers
Not only do we check your franchisee e-mail lists for permission, but our system has built-in safeguards to ensure franchisees follow both CAN-SPAM guidelines and our own set of rules. With Benchmark E-mail, your customers won’t be saturated by dozens of unwanted e-mails, a practice that will ultimately tarnish your company’s reputation.
When customers opt-out, they’re automatically off the send list
Sending e-mails after customers no longer want them is the easiest way to ruin your reputation. At Benchmark, we not only give customers a simple, easy-to-find way to opt-out, we’ll automatically take them off the send list if they no longer want e-mails from your company.
We help your franchisees build solid, permission-based lists:
At Benchmark, we understand that many contacts are gathered through a variety of permission styles, from a simple conversation to a passed along business card. With our ListBuilder and other tools, we help your franchisees build organized, easily verified permission lists, keeping their delivery rates high and their complaints low.
If you sign up with our program, your franchisees can:
Send hundreds, thousands, even millions of e-mails at the click of a button:
Benchmark gives franchisees a solid, cost-efficient way to reach their customers. Using Benchmark’s user-friendly online tools, create custom newsletters and e-mails for everything from seasonal specials to exciting new products and services.
Access to 150 newsletter and e-mail templates:
Benchmark has 150 e-mail and newsletter templates and we’re adding new ones all the time. Franchisees can use our pre-made templates to build e-mails and newsletters, or simply upload their own templates. We can also build custom templates.
Easily manage multiple e-mail contact lists:
Your clients can use our tools to manage your entire contact list, adding new contacts and deleting inactive ones. They have a choice: build the list from scratch using our tools or import their own list. It doesn’t matter if they have multiple lists. With Benchmark e-mail, they can easily manage and merge thousands of contacts across multiple lists.
Track the success of their e-mail campaigns:
What’s an e-mail campaign without the ability to measure success? Our real-time reporting tools give your franchisees an at-a-glance look at how well their e-mail campaign is working. These include:
  • How many e-mails were opened or deleted
  • Which e-mails bounced back or were invalid
  • A demographic picture of who answered the most e-mails
  • A look at who forwarded their e-mail to others
  • Which links were clicked on and which were not
Save time with our suite of user-friendly tools:
Benchmark’s interface is designed for everyone, from the new user to the Internet guru. Our tools are tested and re-tested for superior ease-of-use. But if franchisees use our tools and need help, they can simply contact our customer service department. We have two ways to get in touch with us: online chat or telephone.

Still wondering whether our service really works? Our testimonials page showcases a long list of extremely happy customers.

Here’s how it works:
Contact jennifer@bmesrv.com and let us know what your needs are. Tell us whether you’d like us to create custom templates and specify how many franchisees you expect will use the program.
The Benchmark team will create a custom plan to suite your needs.

Please contact Jennifer Perez at (562) 608-8231 or jennifer@bmesrv.com if you have any questions or need more info.

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