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Create e-mail: 3 Ways To Improve Your Outcome

When you create e-mail, there are many factors to consider that will affect the outcome of your campaigns. What your template looks like. How well you use white space. How many graphics you place in your layouts. Here are 3 ways to make your e-mails look better and appeal to the maximum amount of recipients.

Take great care in choosing a template

When choosing an e-mail template for your campaigns, you have to look at everything with a neutral eye. This means asking the right questions. If you run a law firm, does the template immediately say “law firm” or does it remind the viewer of another type of business? Does the template allow you to customize it enough and make it truly your own? Can you see yourself using this template for a long amount? The thing about templates is they tend to send a very brief but powerful message to the recipient about your business. Because this message is so potent, you must take great care in finding a template that not only looks good, but has the reader associate it with your type of business.

Stick with a clean design for maximum reaction

A clean design, heavy on white space and conservative on graphics, tends to work best when it comes to e-mail templates. We've all seen the e-mails from electronics stores showing a million different products crammed together to promote their sale prices. Unless you run one of these operations, you have to think along less is more terms. When you create e-mail for your recipients, use white space and clean design to showcase a small handful of products or services. This will guarantee that the reader will spend more time viewing your e-mail, as they don't feel the stress or subconscious repulsion of seeing a layout crammed with graphics.

Break things up with different types of content

It certainly seems appealing to send a heavy sales pitch each week to your recipients, but remember that this might catch interest at first, but that interest will wane if you send the same type of e-mail week to week. We recommend mixing things up to keep the interest of your recipients. One week, create e-mail that shows them how-to tips. The next week, send out an e-mail survey. The following week, send out a sales pitch. What you want to do is mix things up so that readers never know what you're going to do next. The more you do to catch the attention of your readers, the better sales you'll see on your balance sheet.

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