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Automotive Dealership Marketing

Email Campaigns Driving Sales

Your automotive or motorcycle dealership thrives on customer interaction and satisfaction. Now you have the opportunity to go beyond traditional media and engage prospects directly by expanding with social media, email and online marketing. If you partner with Benchmark Email, you gain access to open rates and unsubscribes - see what subject lines catch a customer's attention and which kinds of newsletters leave them flat. Best of all, in this comprehensive email marketing guide, we take you through the current state of automotive dealership marketing, compare metrics across dealerships and industries and prescribe a great, interactive way to connect with your customers and optimize your business. Take Benchmark for a test drive with Automotive Dealership Marketing: Email Campaigns Driving Sales. Download the PDF or read it directly from our website for free!
What's Inside
Why Market Online?
Email Marketing Statistics
Open Rates by Industry
Click-Through Rates by Industry
Individual Email Approaches
Set Email Marketing Goals
Best Email Practices
Your Email Marketing Solution
Benchmark Email Features
Promotional Approaches
Take Benchmark for a Test Drive


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