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Better User Feedback

How to Get Better User Feedback

In the digital arena, it is the customer who holds the power. With social media ablaze with perpetual information feeds, your business is one of many that must pass through the gauntlet of "Likes" and tweets regarding your product, services or even brand identity. But this is not a bad thing. Customers want to share their insight with your business and receive quality satisfaction. You can encourage this process by taking the initiative and crafting compelling content that is up to date and relevant to their needs. Use online surveys and polls to stay engaged in real time and deploy timely promotions to test your psychographic segments. How to Get Better User Feedback is the manual for email marketers who are ready to give their users something to write home about. Download Benchmark's free PDF today or read it directly from our website!
What's Inside
Take the Initiative
Getting Your Message through the Door
Crafting Content that Converts
Prompting Response through Engagement
Polls and Surveys
Tests, Measurements and Psychographics
Molding User Expectations

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