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Email Marketing for Consultants

Reaching New & Current Clients with Email Marketing

When companies need a hand figuring out any range of issues, they call in consultants. When consultants need a hand reaching out to old and new clients by modern means, they call Benchmark Email. A forerunner in helping consulting agencies break away from old forms of media marketing and into the highly profitable, highly affordable medium of email marketing, Benchmark Email has compiled a comprehensive guide for consulting industry professionals. We'll show you how to increase subscribers and create actionable strategies for promotions improvement, navigate the waters of online marketing legislation and provide cost-effective and efficient tools for boosting your bottom line. Email Marketing for Consultants is a free, downloadable PDF and can also be read directly from our site.
What's Inside
Engage New & Current Clients
E-Commerce and Brick & Mortar
Email Campaign Statistics
Comparing Open Rates
Comparing Click-Through Rates
Online Marketing Goals
Email Best Practices
Your Marketing Solution
Email Marketing Software
Your Future with Benchmark

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