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Event Marketing in the Digital Age

The Guide to Event Marketing in the Digital Age

If you're in the event promotion business you know how important it is to keep the energy high and the anticipation higher. But traditional media alone is no longer enough. It's time to reach out and embrace the digital medium with early email marketing that allows you to track, modify and improve your responses - all while accelerating participant engagement and keeping that special date at the forefront of their minds. Benchmark Email is happy to bring you the first of many guides on Event Marketing in the Digital Age. Discover how to educate and engage your recipients, build a web presence, craft landing pages, get social and get real feedback that will grow your online reputation and build excitement for your next event. Download the free PDF below or read the guide directly from our site today!
What's Inside
Accelerate Your Online Efforts
If You Market It...
Building Awareness
Craft an Event Landing Page
Social Marketing
Create an Incentive Program
Marketing Post-Event

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