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Benchmark Email Adds Social Networking And Sharing Links To Email Campaigns

With this new feature, every email and newsletter sent through Benchmark can reach thousands of additional online users via Twitter, Facebook, Digg and more.

Long Beach, CA, June 7, 2009 – Benchmark Email, the leading email marketing service for more than 65,000+ users and businesses, has introduced a new feature that lets customers share their email and newsletter campaigns on leading social networks. With the new feature, once an email is sent and a copy placed online at the Benchmark Email Community, anyone who sees it can publicize it via social networking sites Twitter and Facebook, and social bookmarking sites like Delicious, Digg and more.

"Email marketing continues to lead other types of advertising in both price and return on investment, but social bookmarks and networking services can help take your email or newsletter campaign to the next level,” says Curt Keller, CEO of Benchmark Internet Group. “With these easy social sharing links, you can maximize the publicity and visibility of your email or newsletter with little effort – and for no additional price."

The social networking tools each visitor can use to publicize online emails include myspace, the wildly popular Facebook, and micro-blogging site Twitter. Social bookmarking sites, which allow registered users to share links to pages they like, include Delicious, Digg, Reddit and Stumbleupon. Once these emails and newsletters are highlighted via the social bookmarking services, thousands of people can easily see them and also mark them as view-worthy, creating a viral chain reaction of online interest.

About Benchmark Email
Benchmark Email, founded in 2003 by Benchmark Internet Group in Long Beach, is now one of the leading providers of permission-based email marketing services. The completely Web-based email service was created to give customers more tools for less money, and features affordable plans, no contracts, and a free trial that lets customers use all the site's features before making a commitment to the service. For additional information, please visit www.benchmarkemail.com