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Benchmark Email Launches New Email Marketing Service With Expanded Features

The new service boasts a richer feature and tool-set, better customization and an entirely new Website designed with easier navigation and speed in mind.

Long Beach, CA (PRWeb), March 23, 2009 – Benchmark Email, an award-winning email marketing service for businesses, has launched a new site with expanded tools, better features and easier navigation. The new Benchmark Email focuses on customization, ease of use and sophisticated elements that allow email marketers to not just create and send HTML email and newsletter campaigns, but send out email surveys and polls, archive emails online for easy viewing, and even send video email campaigns.

"We realized that in order to preserve our reputation as one of the top email marketing services out there, we needed to change and stay ahead of the curve," says Curt Keller, CEO of Benchmark Email. "We took the heart of the old Benchmark Email – the powerful features, great tracking and affordable price -- and packaged all of this in a way that makes it easy for anyone to use the service, whether they're a newbie or a seasoned email marketer. It was critical that we find a balance that lets the beginning email marketer use our service with ease, and the experienced email marketer enjoy a new and expanded set of highly advanced features."

The Benchmark Email staff spent months focusing on the new site's design, but also concentrated on what features Benchmark customers needed in a single email marketing service. The custom survey and Web poll feature tool took a high priority, and now customers can send out email surveys that match the design of their own Website, as well as add polls to the pages of their online stores. Poll and survey answers are tracked automatically in Benchmark's reporting section. An entirely new feature is the custom archive, which lets email marketers link a custom email archive to their site, giving outsiders and first-time visitors a chance to find and view past email newsletters via Web search.

Another key feature is video email. With the new Benchmark, email marketers can send out video emails to their clients, sending them to a mirror page that allows the video to play even if the recipient's email service blocks the feature. Benchmark also expanded the real-time reporting section, giving customers a variety of charts – some with movable elements – to view email campaign data. With the new reporting section, customers can now view campaigns side by side to see if they've improved their open rates, delivery and more. Benchmark Email offers all these features in a monthly price and has packages that start at $13.99 a month.