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Benchmark Email introduces SPF records for email marketing campaigns

Sender Policy Framework (SPF) records protect against fraud and boost delivery rates by authenticating the origin of email.

LONG BEACH, CA (PRWeb) August 9, 2007 - Benchmark Email, a leading Web and permission-based email marketing service, now features SPF email domain addresses to protect customers from sender fraud. Using Sender Policy Framework technology, Benchmark Email can create a record that shows ISPs that customer emails are coming from a trusted source.

"Benchmark Email makes it extremely easy to use SPF records with our email marketing system," says Curt Keller, CEO of Benchmark Email. "We can not only register a new email domain on behalf of our clients, but we can make certain that it features an SPF record to show email providers that our customers are who they say they are. If an SPF customer is also using good email marketing practices, the end result is higher delivery rates."

Benchmark Email customers can start the process by creating a domain name similar to the one they use for their business. For instance, if the customer’s domain is vacations.com, the SPF domain might be vacationsmail.com. Once this new domain is established and registered through Benchmark Email, ISPs can verify that the mail came from a list of "safe" IP addresses. Ultimately, if someone hijacks the SPF email address of a Benchmark customer and sends email from an IP address that’s not on the safe list, ISPs will block the fraudulent email from making it into the inbox. Benchmark’s SPF service costs $149 per year with a paid plan.

Benchmark Email is a do-it-yourself, Internet-based email marketing service used to create and send dynamic emails and newsletters. The service requires no downloads or complicated setups. Paid plans include the use of more than 150 themed templates, the ability to create customer surveys and listbuilders, and real-time reporting tools to track campaign success. Benchmark Email’s paid plans start at $13.99 a month.