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Introduction to Online Marketing

Marketing beyond email

Benchmark Email delivers more than just email marketing. We want to launch your small business into the online realm with social media campaigns and search engine optimization. Inside our Introduction to Online Marketing, we'll consider the pros and cons of earned vs. paid advertising. Are you a product- or service-focused company, and is word-of-mouth all you need to generate those organic searches? Is PPC feasible with your budget? We'll take you through the basics and consider the drawbacks and pitfalls of today's most popular online media. Learn how to broadcast yourself, create fan pages and optimize your SEO - these steps and more are covered in our free, downloadable guide.
What's Inside
Maximize Your Online Presence
Earned vs. Paid Advertising
Dealing with the Drawbacks
The Truth about SEO
Enter Social Media Marketing
Broadcasting Your Marketing
What's Your Online Marketing Strategy?


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