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Benchmark Email Bulletin - Volume 23
Create and adjust your templates with Benchmark's new Email Builder!

Some of our customers have complained that our email template editor is too clunky. Too difficult. Too temperamental.

Well, we've been listening. We've created a brand new email editor called Email Builder. And we've built it from scratch, based on your suggestions and needs.

If you're just signing up with us, Email Builder is all you'll use – you'll never even see our old email editor. If you're already a customer, you can stick with the old email editor if you'd like and simply transition over later. But we highly recommend that you move over as soon as possible - and here's why:
We've created dozens of brand new templates
Our design team has been busy creating dozens of themed templates in a variety of professional-looking styles.
You can use it to drag-and-drop in text, photos, and more
We've made it so easy – just drag-and-drop in text, photos, headers and other layout elements.
We've included a spam checker
Not sure if your email includes spammy language? No problem! We've included a spam checker to flag words that might set off email filters.
You can check your spelling - right in your layout!
We've also included a spell checker. If you're in a rush and you're writing copy on the fly, our spell checker makes it easy to know which words are misspelled.
If you're already a customer, you can use the Email Builder when you click on the CREATE NEW EMAIL LAYOUT sub tab. If you're a new client or still on a 30-day trial, you'll start using our Email Builder from the go.

Have a suggestion for the Email Builder? Like what you see? Just send us an email at service@bmesrv.com.