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In this newsletter, we will tell you how email became a lifeline for our own Hal Licino when the Icelandic volcanic ash caused flight cancellations across Europe. Hal realized just how important email was as a form of communication and that email marketers should treat it as such. You will learn about branding and how email marketing can be leveraged to gain brand recognition. Read all about our latest feature in which master accounts can push templates to sub-accounts.

As always, the newsletter is filled with tips and some of the latest information about the email marketing industry. If you like email marketing as much as we do, be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook. We’re always updating our pages with the latest and greatest articles about email marketing.
In This Issue:
Whats New: When the Volcano in Iceland Shut Down UK Flights, Email Became My Lifeline
When Branding and Email Marketing Meet
New Feature: Push Your Master Account Template to Your Sub-accounts
Tip of the Month
Good to Know: Email Marketing Crash Course
Partner Program News
Industry Buzz

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Whats New
When the Volcano in Iceland Shut Down UK Flights, Email Became My Lifeline

Fire Your Writers, Hire Your Customers! At the end of an overlong trip to Europe, I was elated to be finally heading home across the Atlantic. Grasping my boarding pass, I was trudging in a slow line to the obligatory security chore when the message came over the public address system of London's Gatwick Airport: Effective immediately, the airport was closed until further notice. Soon, the value of email as a lifeline in times of crisis became clearly evident.

If we as email marketers want to assure true relevance to our communications, then we must take steps to demonstrate to our readers that we hold the medium itself in high regard and recognize that we are being invited into the inboxes of our customers as guests.

Read all about how When the Volcano in Iceland Shut Down UK Flights, Email Became My Lifeline..

When Branding and Email Marketing Meet

Respect Your Customers’ Personal Information & Reap ResultsIndividually or all together, a brand is comprised of a name, phrase, logo or design that represents your business. But it is more than that. Branding is really what your customer thinks when they see that name, design or logo. Branding is one of the most important things for a company to consider in their marketing efforts. But do you have to employ an entire team dedicated to establishing your brand and spend millions of dollars on a Super Bowl commercial? Or can it be achieved with a good plan and email marketing?

By using email marketing to point your customers to all your communications channels, you improve your overall branding efforts with a unified voice. The final step is for your product or service to live up to its promise.

Read all about When Branding and Email Marketing Meet.

New Feature: Push Your Master Account Template to Your Sub-accounts

Fire Your Writers, Hire Your Customers!For the Benchmark Email users who are taking advantage of our powerful sub-account tools, we’re happy to announce that we’ve implemented a feature that will give you greater integration and control from your master account.

Now the master account can create one template that represents the company’s brand and push it to each of the sub-accounts. This gives a company’s email marketing campaigns a cohesive feel and the master account more control over the email marketing plan as a whole.

Read all about Benchmark Email’s New Feature: Push Your Master Account Template to Your Sub-accounts.

Tip of the Month
Astute email marketers assimilate social network sharing icons into their campaigns. This provides an additional layer of connection and pertinence to both their prospects and the social circles of those prospects.

Good to Know
Email Marketing Crash Course

Email Marketing Crash CourseWould you like to see a walk-through of creating and sending out your first campaign? Need help creating lists? Would you like to ask questions in a live learning environment? A computer and an internet connection is all you need to attend our fully interactive training sessions.

Sign up for Benchmark Email Marketing Webinars.

Partner Program News
Refer & Earn Through The Benchmark Email Partner Program
Refer & Earn Through The Benchmark Email Partner Program
Benchmark Email offers an exclusive Partner Program that can earn you a full 25% of the purchases made by your referrals not just for a month, but also for as long as they participate. This lucrative and rewarding opportunity is available to you right now.

Benchmark Email Partners have learned how easy it is to earn over $5,000 a month, month after month, by simply informing their contacts of the extraordinary email marketing services provided by Benchmark Email. Yes, a number of Benchmark Email Partners are earning that amount right now, and you can, too. Unlike the countless online linking schemes that are designed to profit only the originator, the Benchmark Email Partner Program is a proven, legitimate, cash-generating business opportunity that rewards you fairly and equitably for the contacts you bring to the site.

The Benchmark Email Partner Program includes everything you need to start selling. Banner ads. Text ads. Links. Promotional pages. All of these things can be used in your sales arsenal, and they'll even be coded with a unique affiliate number that tracks every sale to you.

It's totally free to sign up, you can track all your sales through the Partner Program section on our site, and you can earn ongoing commissions every single month.

Read about all the advantages of the Partner Program or sign up at

Industry Buzz
Only 21% of retail companies segment their email lists. Retail is an industry that can greatly benefit from personalizing email marketing efforts. List segmentation is an easy way to do this.

In a Marketing Sherpa survey, only 33% of those surveyed said that they had images turned on by default. Asking your recipients to turn images on in a pre-header can increase the effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns.

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