Your permission to e-mail customers can take many forms, from a handshake to a passed-along business card. But why not give them a simple way to sign up on your Web site? Benchmark E-mail helps you do this with our built-in ListBuilder feature. Use our ListBuilder tool and create a button and a sign up page that captures customer info in a snap. A typical ListBuilder button looks like this:

Once a customer clicks the button, they’re taken to another page to enter their e-mail address, name, or other info. When they click the submit button, their info is added to your Benchmark E-mail contact list. Here are the steps to create your Benchmark E-mail ListBuilder:

Sign in to your Benchmark E-mail account, Click on the E-mail Lists tab, and click on ListBuilder sub tab. Click on the Create ListBuilder button.

On the next page, name your ListBuilder. Your ListBuilder might be named, for example, "newsletter sign up" or "member sign up". In the ListBuilder Description box, give a brief synopsis of what the ListBuilder is for, including which page you’ll place it on (your home page, for example). Also, choose your contact list. Once your customers sign up, they’ll automatically be added to the list you prefer.

In this step, the Select Image for Opt-In page, you’ll choose the button customers will click on to sign up. Benchmark has 12 to choose from. You may also decide to use your own. If so, fill in the field that directs where the image can be found (for example, builder image).

What would you like your customers to submit when they sign up? On the Your ListBuilder Form page, you’ll decide. At the minimum, it will be their e-mail address. You may also want them to submit their first name or last name. Check the box for each field you’d like them to fill in. If you click on the boxes in the right side column, it makes these fields mandatory and they won’t be able to sign up unless they fill in these fields. If you fail to choose which type of e-mail your customers prefer, HTML or text, our system will find out for you when it sends your customers an e-mail.
Now you’re in the Label your ListBuilder Form page. If you’d like customers to fill in their e-mail, first name and last name, simply leave these fields as they are and press Save & Next to move to your next step.

You should now be on our Your Subscription Method page. You have two options: single opt-in and double opt-in. Single opt-in assumes that if your customers have used your ListBuilder, you already have permission to send them e-mails. Double opt-in sends your customers a second step confirmation e-mail even after they use your ListBuilder. Your best bet is double opt-in. This method makes absolutely certain that the person wants to hear from you. With single opt-in, there’s always a chance someone else signed that person up without their knowledge.

You might want to set up an autoresponder e-mail for single opt-in customers, which may say something simple like "Thank you for signing up for my newsletter". For double opt-in, you’ll need to enter the text for that second confirmation e-mail. It may say "Please confirm that you’ve signed up for my newsletter". A confirmation link will be placed at the top of this e-mail so your customers can confirm, once again, that they’d like to receive e-mail from you.

Now you should be on the ListBuilder Form Layout page, where you design the page where customers fill in their info. This page shows up after customers click on your ListBuilder button. You can choose colors and placement, as well as the size and dimensions of the fill-in boxes. Hit the preview button to make sure you like your design. At the bottom, you can fill in the text customers will see after they submit their info. You may choose a simple message like "Thank You".

A preview of your ListBuilder Form Layout may look something like this:

In the last page, the ListBuilder Completed page, you’ll see a summary of what you’ve done. Once you reach this page, you’ll receive an e-mail with detailed instructions on how to place your ListBuilder on your page, as well as the code that enables you to do so. If you work with a Webmaster, pass this info along to them. If you’d like to do it yourself, follow the instructions.

If you’d like more information on this feature, contact us.
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