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How important is email marketing to British businesses? Very. According to a study by UK-based B2B Marketing Magazine and a popular, UK-based email marketing company, 87% of British businesses surveyed consider email marketing to be a "critical", "very important" or "important" part of their marketing activities. If that isn’t enough, 47% of these businesses expect to spend more on email marketing in the near future. To read more, click here.

Clickz’s resident expert Jeanniey Mullen has strong words for those who think email marketing has no place in Web 2.0’s blog and social networking-heavy framework. While many businesses wonder whether email is robust enough to survive the transition to Web 2.0, Mullen believes email marketing is more important than ever because it brings the customer back to the "brand, store and site". To read more, click here.

Clickz’s resident Jeanniey Mullen is at it again, and this time she tackles the topic of email branding. The point she makes is clear: customer see your subject line and immediately associate it with your brand. The response may be positive or negative, but it is definitely a response. To read more on how email branding matters, click here.

Which type of testing delivers the best Return on Investment (ROI)? Subject lines? Landing page copy? Marketing Sherpa surveyed almost 4,000 email marketers late last year and asked them which types of email and marketing testing were worth the time and sweat. Not too surprisingly, great, copy-focused landing pages scored the highest on the scale. Text-only emails? Not so much. To read more on this study, click here.

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