Email and newsletter archives: 5 SEO-friendly tips

If you're like most email marketers, you probably see your emails and newsletters short-lived documents. By the time your next campaign comes around, your last one is out of sight, out of mind. But if you’re ditching your old copy and layouts without archiving them on your site, you’re missing out on a valuable engine optimization (SEO) tool. And even a single archived email or newsletter can boost your site's online visibility.

The key to online archiving is getting your emails and newsletters to function as regular content pages on your site. For instance, if you archive an email newsletter with the subject "top ten tips for refinishing furniture", there’s a very good chance that with enough traffic, that page will not only rank in search engines, but will bring in total outsiders using search to find the very same information. Follow these steps and individual techniques to increase your site’s visibility via newsletter archives:

This "master hub" will serve as the main portal for all your emails or newsletters. Think of your archive as a tree: The main page is the trunk, the links/newsletters are the branches. On this main page, put individual links to each newsletter, as well as a brief text description of what’s inside each one.

Go through every email or HTML newsletter you’ve created. If you’ve been in this business awhile, you probably have at least 12 for every single year you’ve sent them out. Even if you only sent out a print version, gather the old text version from your computer, and, if possible, flow that text into a simple newsletter template. Once you’ve done that, add that document to your archive.

Every time you send out a new campaign, send customers back to your site to view your archived version of your email or newsletter. Start by creating your email campaign template and archiving it online. Then, put a link in your email version that sends customers back to the archived version on your site. If you’d like to see what your email will look like archived, click on the "+" sign next to your email layouts in the BROWSE LISTS section of our site.

Remember: your goal is always to drive customers from your email marketing newsletter back to your online archive. You can do this by dangling a carrot - a free video or extra content - that customers can only see in the archived version. You can also funnel customers back to the archived version by shortening the content in the email version of your campaign. You can always include a link to the archived version that says "to read more, click here".

Just because you sent out an email campaign two years ago on how to reupholster a couch doesn't mean that content can'’t be freshened up and used again. Take your old content, dress it up a bit to reflect modern times, reword it, and send it out as a new campaign. Make sure your new content is different enough that it stands on its own as a new document. Without a good rewrite and update, search engine "spiders" will see both documents as one single document. You want to double your traffic by convincing search engines that you have two totally different documents covering the same topic, not one.

Go through your old archived newsletters. Are your missing linking opportunities? For instance, if you sent out an email or newsletter advertising a certain skin crème two years ago, can you put a hyperlink in your archived version that links back to the page where you sell the same product? If you no longer sell that very same product, insert a hyperlink that sends customers to a page showcasing similar products. Be creative. If you create a solid web of links sending customers to various pages on your site, you boost your presence and create a sort of momentum that can easily raise your search engine rank.

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