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Die komplette Anleitung zum E-Mail-Marketing

Willkommen zu Ihrem E-Mail-Marketinghandbuch!

Benchmark Email's complete e-mail marketing guide is the most thorough textbook on the modern e-mail marketing process ever written. In a neutral way, it informs about email marketing as a whole. Soon you will find our complete manual indispensable no matter which e-mail service provider you use. The book compares e-mail marketing with the traditional forms of advertising and marketing, explaining what tools are available, why you need them, and how to best apply them to promote your business or organization. Get great tips to create effective text and content for your newsletters.

How to use this manual.
Why should email marketing be used.
Approval and Spam
List segments, campaigns, programming, content, delivery
Folloe Up and Reports
Revolution of Social Networks


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