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Manufacturing & Distribution: Open A Factory Showroom In Their Inboxes

Email marketing is the perfect tool to showcase your products to partners, suppliers and customers.

  • Promote your products with colorful graphics, images and video.
  • Expedite supplier communication with 21st century communications tools.
  • Educate your clients with product information that is too detailed for a phone call.
  • A simple and easy to use web-based interface makes it easy to Drag and Drop pictures and video of your products into a professionally designed newsletter or e-brochure.
  • Email Campaigns are faster, cheaper and more effective than traditional mail. Clients receive content-rich messages and can easily click through to your website.
  • Professional analysis tools like Online Surveys provide instant, measurable feedback from your clients.
  • Email Analytics and Tracking provide real-time reports that are viewable 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Benchmark Email Templates for Manufacturing and Distribution

Manufacturing templates

Choose from over 300 professionally designed newsletter templates specifically designed for your industry.

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Benchmark Email helps you automate and roll-out your email marketing campaign easily and efficiently. You can deliver custom and highly personalized messages that will give your readers the critical information that they need today.