Email Marketing Templates: Newsletters

Inform, entertain and educate with stunning email newsletters

A newsletter is oftentimes the gateway to email marketing. It’s an opportunity to humanize your brand, give a look at the inner workings of your business and to keep your subscribers up-to-date with everything new and exciting you offer. It's an extension of your brand. Capitalize on familiarity and use graphics, logos and images. Give a rundown of what's happening in the boardroom. Insert articles, product reviews, how-to's and more. You can use your own template or one of dozens of themed ones we've created just for you. It's your call.

Strut your stuff with our email newsletter templates. Get started Free with the Benchmark Starter Plan. Our drag and drop email editor helps you quickly and easily customize responsive email templates that will even look great on every mobile device. Find an HTML email template in the newsletter section of our gallery, use your own, or do both. Give it a go. You don't even need a credit card.

Once you’ve found the perfect newsletter or press release free template, here are a few tips for crafting the best possible newsletter for your subscribers:

  • Some email marketing templates are better than other at informing your subscribers of the goings on at your company. If that’s the goal of your newsletter, be sure to find a template that can maximize the important info you want to include in your newsletter. Just don’t overdo it! Too much content can distract your subscribers from the important stuff. Pay attention to your reports. See how far down subscribers are making it in your newsletter and act accordingly.
  • Other newsletter templates are designed to sell. Don’t forget, the only thing you can sell in a newsletter is a click. So, pick a template that will let you highlight one product, or just a few, and make sure you include a compelling Call To Action (CTA).
  • If you’re looking to create more interaction with your subscribers, pick a template that inspires engagement. What does that mean? It could have good opportunities for personalization, or to ask questions or for feedback and chances to share your newsletter on social media.
  • Make sure your template can be customized to support your branding. You may also want to use a layout that matches your website or at the very least gives a similar feeling.
  • Your subscribers will appreciate consistency. Whether it’s a weekly or monthly newsletter, be sure to always send it on the same day of the week and at the same time of day.
  • Be sure to use a recognizable From Name when you send your newsletter. It could be your Brand Name or a person with whom most, if not all, of your subscribers have interacted. You may also want to test stating that it’s your Weekly Newsletter or Monthly Newsletter at the beginning of your Subject Line.
  • For your newsletter reports, these are the stats you should be monitoring:
    • Open Rate. This will show you who is interested in receiving your newsletters, who recognizes your From Name and whether your subject line was compelling enough.
    • Bounce Rate. If you don’t track your bounce rate, you run the risk of harming your deliverability. If your number is rising, you may need to perform some routine list maintenance.
    • Click-Through Rate. This is how you can track if your subscribers are interested in the content in your email newsletters. It also shows if you’ve crafted good CTAs.
    • Unsubscribe Rate. If you’re no longer providing value to your subscribers with your newsletter, they’re going to head out the proverbial door. If your unsubscribes are going up, it may be time to send a poll or survey and find out what your subscribers want from your newsletter.

Here are some compelling stats on newsletters:

  • 95% of subscribers who opt-in to newsletters from a recognized brand find them to be useful, according to a recent Mobile Behavior Report.
  • Newsletters are still the top use for email marketing, coming in at 66% according to a recent State of Marketing Report from Pardot that surveys more than 5,000 marketers. Promotional emails ranked second at 54%.
  • 90% of consumers who were polled said they preferred to receive updates via email newsletter, compared to 10% who said Facebook, according to a recent Nielsen Norman Group report.

Automate with a Template

Now that you’ve found the perfect newsletter email template, you should automate your email campaigns with Automation Pro.

Use strategy templates to create a Welcome Email series to greet your new newsletter subscribers. After all, Welcome Emails have been shown to generate four times the opens and five times the clicks and average an open rate of 50 percent! You can learn how to leverage welcome emails to see these types of results in our blog post: Generate 320% More Revenue With Welcome Emails: Strategies That Don’t Require Luck.

You can also automate follow-ups to your subscribers based on their interactions with your emails and website. This helps to keep your customers coming back for more, creating a flywheel for your business.

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