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Ensure Your Sender Reputation with a Dedicated IP

Remove yourself from the crowd, ensuring your best sending reputation and delivery into the inbox. A dedicated IP is your own special internet address that only you use to send emails. It’s available for $28.95 per month.

Not only will you be in control of your sending reputation, our experts can share strategies to make sure you maintain a high reputation. Tools such as AB Testing, list segmentation and many more will set you up for success. Being able to to track your reputation is crucial with email engagement. After all, the goal is better engagement.

If you are currently using a shared IP, you can still succeed with email marketing, but you are on a Shared IP. Many marketers use the same IP Address to send their emails and can affect each other's reputation. We have a team who manages all shared IPs and controls the sending reputation.

Industry Memberships

Benchmark is fully up-to-date on industry standards. We are an active member in the Email Sender and Provider Coalition and monitor IP acceptance rates with ReturnPath.