Email Marketing Video Library

Get the most out of Benchmark with these quick and easy-to-follow video tutorials

Engagement Automation

Feedback Tools

In this advanced tutorial, we take you through the steps of creating powerful sales funnels using automated emails based on opens, clicks, and more.

A Tour of the Email Designer

Getting Started

Come take a spin of our drag & drop editor and you'll be creating beautiful emails that stand out in your subscriber's inbox in no time!

Editing Images

Email Designer

Edit images in your email by using the built-in photo editor.

Section Editing

Email Designer

Format the sections of your emails, add space using divider blocks and get the Instagram look for your images.

Adjust Text Spacing & Line Height

Email Designer

Our drag & drop editor makes it very easy to change the space between lines of text, and this video shows you how.

Global Styling Options

Email Designer

Control your email’s global color options and add rounded corners. Also, creating modern looking social icons for your campaigns.

Merge Tags

Email Designer

Add greetings & personalized messages, link to surveys and more in your campaigns!

The Code Editor

Email Campaigns

For the HTML expert, our code editor lets you edit and live preview your rendered email design at the same time! Learn how.

Social Media Integrations

Email Campaigns

Connect your social media to email campaigns and sign up forms by adding social buttons, using special edition template and utilizing our apps.


Email Campaigns

Put your emails online with their own individual web addresses.

Signup Forms

Contact List Management

Sign up subscribers and grow your email list.

Facebook Signup Forms

Contact List Management

Adding signup forms to Facebook is actually quite easy and doing so can help build your audience with targeted precision.


Feedback Tools

Gain valuable feedback when you easily create, send or post online surveys.


Feedback Tools

Discover how to create & post your own customized online polls.

How to add your Benchmark CNAME in your hosting service


To publish a landing page, you’ll first need to add your Benchmark CNAME to your hosting service. Check out the video.

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