Meet Our Customers

Of over 500,000 users, we are pleased to thank some local names

Each one of our customers, from small businesses to international brands, is very important to us. How we deliver for our largest and best known clients is also important to you.

  • Al Kline

    Owner, CEO Canterbury Gardens

    "I am very pleased with our email marketing because that is our connection to our customers. We're constantly using this marketing tool to enhance our web presence."

  • Brian Harrington

    Owner, CEO Sunrise POS

    "We started using Benchmark about 5 years ago and we will absolutely continue to use here on out. It's been an incredible utility for us."

  • Brandon Beechler

    Owner, CEO BMB Dezines

    "The best feature I found was the use of my own HTML code. It allows full control over my emails and how they interact with my clients."

  • Jerry Rice

    Owner, CEO Rice General

    "My favorite feature is multiple lists, and being able to send out to customers who have different needs. Benchmark has made life easier for me, keeping my office organized."

  • Mariana Gatto

    Owner, CEO Italian Museum of Los Angeles

    "We use Benchmark to promote membership and awareness of the goals of the museum. It's pretty much limitless in the ways that we use Benchmark."

  • Marcy Feldman

    Owner, CEO Stitch Cafe

    "My degree is in Accounting, so I love graphs and charts. The first time I actually saw how many people opened my emails? That made me happy!"

  • Larry Walkemeyer

    Lead Pastor Light & Life

    "The user friendliness of Benchmark; that's got to be one of my favorite features, and the ability to attach videos to send to our people."

  • Yoko Honda

    Event Director Weekly LALALA, LLC

    "I really like that you guys have so many templates. I can coordinate the template depending on the circumstances and on the it's just the perfect resource for me."

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