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  • Email List Management
Email List Management

Opt-In Email List Management

Divide, clean, update and manage your contact lists with ease

With our easy list management tools, you can keep your lists in tip top shape with little or no headache. Divide your lists to send better, targeted emails. Clean your lists of bounces, useless email addresses and more. Grow your list, add new contacts or delete them. You can't have a successful email campaign without a solid, optimized email list. We can help you get there.

Manage Your Email List

You can add and store as many lists as you'd like. Use Segments to divide your list by demographics, customer likes and dislikes and more. Create lists by importing contacts, adding contacts one by one or cutting and pasting in email addresses.

  • Easily identify your most loyal subscribers or the ones interested in specific products or services with Targeted Emailing. You can also sort out your inactive subscribers, and attempt to bring them back into the fold with a re-engagement campaign.
  • Automatically move subscribers from one list to another when you do your list segmentation using marketing automation with Automation Pro. Keep your subscribers sorted in the right lists, whether it’s organizing leads and customers or based on engagement with your email campaigns.
  • With our fully responsive email marketing dashboard, you can add contacts to your account from any device on the fly.
  • Email Contact Management

    Import Your Existing
    Email Lists

    Benchmark makes it easy to upload an existing list. You can import from .xls, .csv. and .txt files as well as import contacts from Salesforce and other tools Benchmark has integrated with. You may also import an address book from your Gmail or Hotmail accounts.

  • A powerfully simple, simply powerful way to grow your lists with email marketing integrations that connect to your CRM, eCommerce, form builders, accounting software and more. This helps you manage all of your contacts from one place and create ongoing customer engagement.
  • Benchmark integrates with more than 1,000 business tools and apps thanks to our Zapier integration.
  • Establish a 2-way, real-time connection between your business apps that stay up-to-date automatically with our PieSync integration.
  • Create a unified onboarding experience for all new subscribers by sending an automated Welcome Email series. Turn new subscribers into customers and foster brand loyalty.
  • Import Email List

    Build Your Email List

    Grab new contacts with a custom Signup Form. Place it on your site and watch the captured info automatically added to your email list. Collect visitors email addresses by adding our Signup Form to your website and Facebook profile or fan page. Expand your reach and grow your list with a "Forward-to-a-Friend" link and social sharing buttons within your emails.

  • Capture the attention of new site visitors with a well-timed popup signup form that greets a potential subscribers at the exact moment they’re mostly likely to opt-in.
  • Use a different signup form for various areas of your website, such as your blog page or lead magnet pages for manuals, guides and e-books. Create an automated follow-up series to stay in touch with each type of subscriber based on where they signed up.
  • Write compelling Calls To Action that website visitors will not be able to resist. Make sure your button is large enough to be seen. Red is the most effective color, with green being the runner up. Keep your CTA copy to 40 words or less. Using first-person languages such as “me” or “my” will help everyone relate better.
  • Discover 15 more of the best ways to grow your email list.
  • Build Email List

    Clean Your Email List

    Strike bounced and erroneous emails from your list. Get rid of hard and soft bounces. With our list cleaning tools, you can cut the old, outdated and useless email addresses from all your email lists.

  • Only sending to the active subscribers who want to hear from you will help to ensure good email deliverability.
  • Turn your good email lists great with the help of list verification from our partners at Kickbox and BriteVerify or any of the reputable tools available.
  • With our List-based email marketing plans, keeping your list up-to-date with only the subscribers who want to hear from you will cost you less in the short-term and earn you more in the long-term.
  • Take Your List Management to Another Level with Benchmark CRM

    Gain a big picture view of your entire relationship with your customers and leads. See every touch point from help desk interactions, one-to-one email messaging and metrics from your email campaigns and automations.

  • Turn one contact into a million opportunities thanks to Benchmark CRM, the powerfully simple and simply powerful sales tool.
  • Use your list to better manage your tasks. Get email or in-dash reminders for your important to-dos.
  • Integrates seamlessly with your Benchmark Email account.