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Press Releases And Company Announcements

Benchmark Email creates free online guide and blog content for auto dealership marketing

(Apr 01, 2011)

Benchmark Email launches hub for email marketers who own or manage wineries

(Apr 01, 2011)

Benchmark Email Releases Introduction to Online Marketing Guide for Small Businesses

(Apr 01, 2011)

Benchmark Email Adds SEO Tools for Newsletters Archived in Email Marketing Community

(Mar 01, 2011)

Benchmark Email Feature Lets Clients Use a Single Account to Manage Numerous Sub-Accounts

(Dec 22, 2010)

Benchmark Email Introduces List Cleaning Feature to Purge Non-Openers from Email Lists

(Sep 20, 2010)

Benchmark Email introduces WordPress Plugin for email marketing clients

(Aug 12, 2009)

Benchmark Email introduces custom polling feature for client Websites

(Jul 30, 2009)

Benchmark Email Seeks Top-Notch Vendors for its New Client Discount Program

(Jul 23, 2009)

New Feature Lets Benchmark Email Clients Import Email Contacts From Salesforce

(Jul 15, 2009)

Benchmark Launches Online Email Marketing Community For Customers

(Jul 02, 2009)

Benchmark Email Introduces Map Feature Showing World Locations Of Email Openers

(Jun 24, 2009)

Benchmark Email Introduces Email Marketing Archive Feature

(Jun 17, 2009)

Benchmark Introduces API To Integrate The Email Marketing Service With Other Sites

(Jun 10, 2009)

Benchmark Email Adds Social Networking And Sharing Links To Email Campaigns

(Jun 07, 2009)

Benchmark Introduces Video Email Feature With All Email Marketing Plans

(Apr 06, 2009)

Benchmark Email Launches New Email Marketing Service With Expanded Features

(Mar 23, 2009)

Benchmark Introduces Next Generation, Web-Based Email Builder

(May 20, 2008)

Benchmark kicks off new and improved email marketing affiliate program

(Oct 30, 2007)

Benchmark Email introduces SPF records for email marketing campaigns

(Aug 09, 2007)

Benchmark Email Introduces Custom Email and Image Hosting Services

(Jul 18, 2007)

Benchmark Email Now features Custom Autoresponders for Email Marketing Campaigns

(Jul 10, 2007)

Benchmark Email Launches Elite Program for Franchisers and Franchisees

(Apr 17, 2007)

Benchmark Email Kicks Off Discount Program for Non-Profit and Faith-Based Organizations

(Apr 11, 2007)

The Benchmark Internet Group Launches Bulk Email Dedicated Server Program

(Mar 27, 2007)