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Email Campaign Reports

Track and analyze your campaigns with detailed, real-time reports

Email marketing can create many frustrating unknowns. Which recipients opened your emails? Which links were clicked on the most? Which emails bounced because of server error, wrong addresses or other reasons?

Thanks to Benchmark's exhaustive set of real-time reporting tools, you'll never have to face another unknown again. Access sophisticated, detailed reports 24/7. Compare your campaigns side-by-side. See if you've made progress and adjust your campaigns accordingly.

With our email campaign reports, you can:

  • See who opened your emails in an easy view format
  • View which links were clicked on the most
  • Track all your poll and survey answers the minute they come in
  • View a percentage-based breakdown of how many emails were opened and how many were not
  • Compare campaigns side-by-side to see how each one fared with recipients
  • Export and print your reports in Microsoft Excel and text format