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Video Email Marketing

Drop videos right into your emails and newsletters

At Benchmark, we're proud of our ability to bring you things you just won't find with other services. Video email is just one of these features. We've made it a snap to drag and drop video right into your email marketing layouts. Still wondering how you can use this as a business owner? Here are a few ideas:

  • Send a how-to video to your customers. Educate your recipients on how they can use one or more of your products with the utmost efficiency. Send a step-by-step video showcasing the best way to use a product or service.
  • Give a robust, all-angles preview of a new product. Nothing shows of a product or service like a 360º tour of one of your most popular products. Show off your goods from every angle, giving customers an idea of how your product will look in action.
  • Send out video testimonials. Encourage one of your most loyal, happy customers to create a video testimonial to your business and send it out to all your recipients. If you can include more than one, go for it. If not, just showcase the best one to encourage others to be excited about your business or organization.
  • Create a message from your CEO to your customers. Many recipients may wonder who the driving force is behind your company. Show them! Create a personal message from your CEO or top brass speaking directly to your customers.

With Benchmark's video email feature, we've given you the tools to:

  • Store all your videos in your own gallery that you can access 24/7
  • Drag and drop in videos directly into your layouts and templates
  • Send recipients to a mirror page showing the video if it gets blocked by their email providers

Video email is the next wave in email marketing. With Benchmark, we've given you the tools to use this medium right in your emails, making your email marketing campaigns more interesting and cutting edge than those of your competitors. With any Benchmark Email paid plan, this special feature is included in the price.