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Import Your Permission Based Email Lists

Import contact lists right from your hard drive

Are you stuck with an email list on your computer desktop? What about a long Microsoft Excel document with hundreds of names? Just upload it to our system and you'll be good to go. And you don't have to stop at email addresses. Set it up so it also takes regular addresses, geographic info, customer preferences and more. Our email list import feature is flexible, easy to use, and quick.

Check out our import email list tools for free for 30 days. You don't need a credit card, just sign up and we'll give you a full run to decide for yourself if Benchmark Email is right for you.

  • Use our quick, easy contact list uploading tool to add your contacts in Microsoft Excel or text format to our system.
  • Add email addresses one by one.
  • Cut and paste a large block of email addresses into our system.
  • Upload your contacts and divide it into separate lists via our import tools.