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Improve Your Permission Based Email Lists

Get rid of bounces and optimize your contacts to the fullest

As an email marketer, you have plenty to worry about. So it's easy to forget to clean your list. With our advanced, user-friendly list management system you can ditch the email addresses dragging down your open rates. Have an email address that never seems to go through because the server is busy? Dump it. Have an email address for an inbox no longer in service? It's time to strike it from your contact list. A clean list not only saves time, it saves money. Keep your house list in top shape with our easy to use editor tools.

  • Remove email addresses that are technically correct but never seem to get through.
  • Eliminate duplicate addresses from your contacts database.
  • See hard and soft bounced emails after every campaign you send with our reports and target erroneous addresses that bounce from closed email inboxes and more.
  • Make your list leaner and cleaner, saving you time and money in the process.

Benchmark Email allows you to optimize and organize your email lists. However, we are not a list cleaning service. To learn how to maintain your email lists like a pro, download our free PDF manual, Cleaning House: How to Build Healthy Email Lists.