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Bars & Nightclubs: Email Marketing to The Party Crowd

Bars & Nightclubs: Email Marketing to The Party Crowd

Bar & Nightclub: Email Marketing to The Party Crowd identifies time-tested promotional methods for bringing more patrons to your bar or nightclub venue. Inside you'll find detailed explanations of structuring and executing email marketing campaigns, comprehensive breakdowns of the legal and procedural standards of both the bar & nightclub industry and federal CAN-SPAM compliance, strategies for email newsletter segmentation, the benefits of online surveys and polls and the current trends in the bar & nightclub scene. Best of all, this round's on the house! Download the full email marketing manual for free in PDF format or read it directly from the site. Hit the dance floor with key insight into what your customers want and get into the business of bringing them back, night after night.

What's Inside
Welcome to the Party
The Current Scene
Campaign Metrics
Open Rates by Industry
Click Rates by Industry
Long and Short Term Goals
Best Practices
Benchmark Email Features
Promotional Potential
Become a Benchmark VIP

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