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Umfragen und E-Mail-Abstimmungen

Marketing Online - Umfragen und E-Mail-Abstimmungen

It's time to reconnect with your users. What are your options? Email surveys and online surveys can give you new insight into your contact lists, leading to better targeted email and segmentation. Engaging communications mean figuring out what your customers or subscribers want, and giving them the opportunity to provide you with real feedback. In this FREE marketing manual, Benchmark Email invites you to explore the benefits of email surveys, compare the benefits of surveys and surveys, and find the ideal broadcasting frequency. Are you ready to offer your subscribers the next level in customer satisfaction? Watch  Marketing Online: Surveys and Email Surveysat. You can download this manual as a PDF or read it directly on our website.

What is inside
Reconnect with users
Advantages of the surveys
Surveys vs. Surveys
Types of interviews
Frequency of shipments


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