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Growing an Audience is Easy

Use List Builders, Automations, Surveys & Polls to build a loyal fanbase that engages with your message.


List Building

Design the user experience you want for your site visitors with popup and embeddable signup forms. Connect with them at the exact moment they’d be inclined to subscribe.

Put your signup form on your website

Never miss an opportunity to gain subscribers. Place pop up or embeddable signup forms throughout your website.

Put your signup form on your website

Grab new contacts with a custom Signup Form. Place it on your site, blog or favorite social network and watch your list grow.

List Management

Segmenting, importing and integrating are all easy to do with our list management tool.


Break down your lists by demographics, customer likes and dislikes and more. Send the most relevant content to all your subscribers.


Create lists by importing contacts, adding contacts one by one or cutting and pasting in email addresses. Easily import .xls, .csv. and .txt files.


We make it easy to upload an existing list and integrate with services such as: Wordpress, Salesforce, Unbounce, Zapier and others.

Know the Value of Each Subscriber

See how engaged each contact is on a scale of 0-5 stars. Improve your deliverability, reward loyal subscribers and re-engage inactive ones by segmenting your email sends based on Contact Rating. Learn More


Save time, boost engagement and increase customer loyalty with automated email sequences.

Contact List Automation

Automatically send a birthday, or other event-based emails, to brighten your subscribers’ day. Schedule individual emails to send at the time of your choosing: whether in a day, a week, month or even a year.

Engagement Automation

Do smart email marketing based on the activities and interactions of your subscribers. Automate responses based on opens and clicks in your email campaigns.

Polls & Surveys

Use surveys and polls to learn more about your subscribers


Give your subscribers a chance to weigh in on various subjects and gauge their interest on new company developments.

Survey example


Polls give you the unprecedented convenience and efficiency of direct, free engagement with your subscribers.

Poll example

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