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Video Email: 4 Effective Ways To Use It

As an email marketer, you are probably curious about video email, but not quite sure how to use it. This is natural. This new and exciting format offers plenty of options email-wise, but you need to know which ways to use it will work best. Here are four ways to effectively use video email in your campaigns:

Customer testimonials

Studies show that a referral from an average, normal human being is more convincing than any banner ad you'll find online. For this reason alone, consider the video testimonial to be a great selling point for your products and services. Find someone who has emailed you or called praising your product. Ask them if they'd be interested in filming a video testimonial that you can use on your site and in your emails. Give them some guidelines for length, and if necessary, provide a Web cam or a discount on your goods to seal the deal.

Product demonstrations

Unless you're posting detailed videos on how to use your products, a video showing exactly how your product works is a great way to teach your customers how to optimize their purchase. An added bonus? Less returns from customers who mis-use your products. To make things even more targeted, create product demonstrations for your top 10 best-selling goods and email the appropriate one to your customers after they buy one of these products.

General tips on saving money, saving time and more

Most email recipients grow tired of the hard sell over time. Your best bet to combat this is to break up your sales emails with a video email featuring general tips on how to save time and money. Of course you can use your product in this tips video – we recommend it – but make it as non-pushy as possible. Show your recipients that you care about making things easier for them and they'll be more receptive to your next sales push email.

A personal thank you message

Most consumers buy plenty of products and services and never get more than an email telling them they're appreciated for their business. That's why the personal thank you is so effective. Have your CEO or top brass record a brief but heartfelt message thanking them for their business. Touch upon the economy and how much it means to your company that during hard times, they spend their money on you. A little thank you can go a long way with your customers. A video email thanking them takes this concept to a whole other level.

There are dozens of ways to use video email campaigns to your advantage, but these four tend to be especially effective. If you're not certain you can do all of these things, just pick one and test it out with your customers to see how they respond.

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