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Welcome to Your Quick Start Guide

How to Use This Manual

Welcome to Your Email Marketing Guidebook!
We have formatted this quick start guide to help you dive right into the basic mechanics of email marketing. This is a step-by-step guide with chapters occurring in the order in which you would naturally go through the email marketing process.
What This Is Not
We want this guide to be fast, mechanical and efficient. We will not take time with excessive definitions, back story, or theories about the the how & why. If you feel like you need a more thorough primer on the overall topic of email marketing, we have written a comprehensive manual entitled The Benchmark Email Complete Guide to Email Marketing. You can download that here.
You Will Be Guided Through These Steps
Get Subscribers
Customers, clients or prospects give you permission to email them because they want to get information from you. Let's call them subscribers.
Organize Your Lists
You organize email lists of these subscribers based on location, spending patterns or any other category that makes sense to you.
Create Your Content
You create or write content to send these clients. This can include text, e-coupons, links, pictures and even video. Let's call these email newsletters.
Schedule Delivery
You schedule the email delivery to some or all of the members of your lists. You may choose to have different newsletters to go out at predetermined times.
Subscribers Respond (Open & Click-thru)
Customers receive your content in their email inboxes. When they read your newsletters, we call these opens. They respond to your marketing campaign by coming to your store, performing a click-thru to your links, etc. Emails that are undeliverable are called bounces.
Track Your Success Online
You monitor the success of your campaigns with online reports and make adjustments accordingly. The measuring of all those opens, click-thru activity and bounces is called email tracking.