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Email Templates: 3 Tips On Making The Most Of Them

Your email templates reflect so much about your business. What you do. What you sell. Whether you're a professional organization or not. Which is why you need to make the most of your email templates when you send campaigns. Here are 3 tips on making that happen:

Test your templates across a variety of email service providers

Different email service providers are well...different. This means they use a variety of methods and back-end technologies to display what pops up in the inbox. For this reason, sometimes your e-email template will look different in say, AOL mail than it does in Yahoo! What we recommend is signing up for free accounts with the major email service providers. This means creating free accounts with:

Microsoft Outlook/Mail

Once you have these free accounts and have set up your email template for delivery, send it out to all your free accounts and analyze how they look. Some may block images, but if you provide a Web version of your email templates as an alternative your interested recipients will view your message that way. But also look for coding issues, as well as the size of the preview pane. If the preview pane in one major provider is only two or three inches high, you can adjust your email template so that your most important stuff is at the top.

Put it in an archive after you send

After you send out a campaign, you should create your own archive to keep your email templates online for as long as you'd like. Most of your emails will probably not be timeless – things change over time – but by placing your email in an archive you are essentially keeping a solid base for all of your customers and potential new ones to find what you've done in the past. An archive with emails that go back years show longevity and company stability, and the people who find your email templates in your archive will see that as an indicator of your company's stability and growth.

Add graphics for extra appeal

Your email templates should show off your products or services, and these graphics also tend to lure customers into looking forward to what you have to send. A simple, eye-pleasing email template with images or images can go a long way to getting customers to read your email templates rather than dump them in the trash file. Use your logo in your header, images of your products from different angles and other visual aids to keep your readers interested in not only looking at your email templates, but seeing what you have to offer.

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