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Email Newsletters

E-mail newsletters are the quickest and inexpensive carriers of marketing message to your target audience. E-mail Newsletters also help brands build a long lasting relationship with the consumers. Unlike other marketing collaterals, e-mail newsletters cannot be ignored, as they are personal in nature and are delivered directly to consumer’s mailboxes.

To create an E-mail newsletter that delivers an optimal consumer response, following parameters must be addressed.
Design: Evaluate your target audience; use colors that will appeal to them. Ensure the design compliments your website and is not drastically different from it.
Speed: Test your E-mail newsletter to find out the time it takes to appear in the mailbox. Keep the downloading time low, as the users are impatient and you cannot keep them waiting to read you message.
Links: Weed out all the dead links from your E-mail newsletter. Ensure all links included in your newsletter are working. Dead links will disappoint your consumer and can generate negative branding for your product and service.
Exit Option: A consumer might have registered for your E-mail newsletter at a time when he was interested in the information that your newsletter was providing. But now their requirements may be different and now they may want to stop receiving mails from you. Respect their opinion and provide an Unsubscribe option allowing them to opt out of your mailing list.
Format: Check your mail in different e-mail accounts to see if your format suits the mailbox that you’re sending the mail to. Check with major e-mail providers like AOL, Yahoo, Hotmail and any other account where your audience holds an account.
Personalization: Always ensure that you insert a valid data in the ‘From’ field. Put your name or brand name to ensure that user recognizes the sender, making it more effective.

Just review the above-mentioned parameters before you send your Email Newsletter and you will have a winner on your hands.

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