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Benchmark proudly supports faith-based organizations

Faith-based organizations face daunting financial challenges. Benchmark e-mail understands this. That’s why we offer a 25% discount to faith-based organizations who sign up for our e-mail marketing tools. Here’s how the process works:

Fax us your 501(c) number to (562) 314-0444, including the plan you want to sign up for and whether you to pay monthly or annually.
The plan and payment schedule you choose may mean even bigger savings. For example, if you sign up for our 1k plan to send 1,000 e-mails for $12.95 a month, and you decide to pay annually, you not only get 10% off and a month free, but an additional 25% off for being a faith-based organization. This works out to more than 35% in savings!
Sign up for our free trial.
Enter a credit card following these steps:
a) Log in to your account
b) Go to “My Profile” (under the "Create E-mail" tab)
c) Scroll to the bottom where it says “Credit Card Information” and click on the “Edit” button
d) Add your credit card info in the following pages
We’ll enroll you in a custom Faith-Based Organization plan that includes the 25% discount.

If you’re a new organization that’s still establishing itself and you need a little more help, contact us and we’ll give you an even deeper discount.

Benchmark’s e-mail marketing tools will help you:
Reach out to congregants, members and volunteers
Find new members
Generate excitement and awareness for upcoming events
Grow your network of volunteers and donors
Benchmark gives you the power to:
Send thousands of e-mails at the click of a button:
Benchmark gives you a solid, cost-efficient way to reach your members:
e-mail. Using Benchmark’s user-friendly online tools, create custom newsletters and e-mails to send to members of your organization. Use our unique tools to keep your congregants in the loop, sending them info on everything from happenings within your organization to important upcoming events.
Access to 150 newsletter and e-mail templates
Benchmark has 150 e-mail and newsletter templates and we’re adding new ones all the time. Use our templates to build your e-mails and newsletters and send a quick reminder about a special fundraiser or service, give congregants a detailed update on a fellow member’s medical condition, or pass along inspirational verses or passages. Whatever option you choose, you can set the tone with one of our pre-made layouts.
Easily manage multiple e-mail contact lists
Use our tools to manage your entire contact list, adding new contact e-mails and deleting inactive ones. You have a choice: build the list from scratch using our tools or import your own list. It doesn’t matter if you have multiple lists. With Benchmark e-mail, you can easily manage all your contacts.
Track the success of e-mail campaigns
What’s an e-mail campaign without the ability to measure success? Our real-time reporting tools give you an at-a-glance look at how well your e-mail campaign is working. These include:
  • How many e-mails were opened or deleted
  • Which e-mails bounced back or were invalid
  • A demographic picture of who answered the most e-mails
  • A look at who forwarded your e-mail to others
Save money through our flexible, affordable plans
We price our services by the number of e-mails sent, making Benchmark’s services extremely cost-effective. You won’t find better value out there for what we offer, which includes a comprehensive set of tools that lets you manage e-mail campaigns from start to finish.
Save time with our ultra user-friendly tools
Benchmark’s interface is designed for everyone, from the brand new user to the Internet wiz. Our tools are tested and re-tested for superior ease-of-use. But if you use our tools and need help, simply contact our customer service department via online chat or phone and we’ll happily walk you through the process.

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