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How To Send Emails?

What is "how send email" and how to send email messages?

Emails have become a very popular method of communication among people across the world. This is why businesses use emails to promote their products and services. Email marketing has a number of advantages. Unlike other methods of promotion, email marketing requires a very nominal investment. You can target anyone across the world. It’s also the fastest method of promotion. However, people still ask the question, 'how to send email?' Essentially they want to simply understand the process behind sending emails.

You can use an email client like Microsoft Outlook to send email messages. Once you setup your account, go to your Address Book. You will come across a button that reads New; click it. From the drop down menu that appears, select Group. Select and add a suitable name for your Group. Add all the email addresses you want by hitting the Select Members button. Once you hit it, a new window will appear which shows all the email addresses available in your contact list. After you’ve finished adding all email addresses, select Ok.

If you want to add more addresses, follow the same procedure. To send an email to your contacts, select the New Message option on the toolbar. Enter an appropriate subject for your email. Make sure it does not have any spam-like terminology or symbols. After that, hit the To button and select the name of the group that you want to send emails to. You can also incorporate images and videos in your email. Once your email is ready, hit the Send button. You can also use Microsoft Outlook’s CC and BCC feature if you want to send the email to many addresses.

However, when you use Microsoft Outlook to send marketing emails, the chances of delivery are lower. If you send too many emails using Outlook, your ISP may regard you as a spammer and your domain name can get blocked. Also, you will have a tough time handling all the replies, bounces and unsubscribe requests if you use Microsoft Outlook. Besides, you won’t even be in a position to track the progress of your campaign.

To avoid all these issues, hire the services of a professional email marketing company such as Benchmark Email. With Benchmark Email, you will be able to send a large number of emails at one time, or in other words, bulk email. You can use their HTML based email templates to send newsletters, cards, event invites and promotions.

Benchmark Email also offers email list management. You can use this feature to add as many email addresses as you want. You can also create multiple lists, import new contacts from an application like Microsoft Outlook or simply cut and paste them from any location. You can also keep track of how your campaign is faring.

You stand to gain a lot from an email marketing campaign. If you are in two minds about starting an email campaign, don’t think anymore, just get on with it. Good luck!

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