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Protect your email marketing customers with Benchmark Subscribe

If you set up a ListBuilder (also known as a sign-up box) through Benchmark Email, you'll notice that at the bottom you'll see an envelope and something that says “Benchmark Subscribe: Trusted Email Marketing”. This icon and phrasing represents the way we are not only protecting your reputation as an email marketer, but showing your customers that you only follow the very best email marketing practices.

When your customers see this symbol on your ListBuilder, here's what it tells them:
You only follow the very best email marketing practices, period. As a Benchmark Email customer, you agree to not only follow Benchmark's Opt-In email practices, but you are compliant with the federal CANSPAM Act and the guidelines set by the ESPC (the Email Sender and Provider Coalition).
You will not send to people who are not on your Opt-In list, you will not bombard your subscribers with spam, and you will not abuse the trust of your customers in any way, shape or form.
If customers subscribe to your email or newsletter, you will always give them an easy, realiable option if they no longer want to receive emails from you. Since Benchmark Email puts an unsubscribe link at the bottom of every single email you send, automatically placing those unsubscribed customers on a “do not send” list, your only task is to manage the customers who fail to follow procedure. The Benchmark Subscribe logo shows that even if customers write to you with the word “unsubscribe” in the subject line or body of the email, you will take them off your email list within a week, or a maximum of 10 days.
You always provide accurate, true contact information in every single campaign, including where your business is located and how your customers can reach you.
That you strive to build a true permission-based list, and will not, under any circumstances, buy or rent a list, or scrape email addresses off Websites.
How Benchmark protects the reputation of our clients:
Benchmark Email is a proud member of the Email Sender and Provider Coalition (ESPC). This means that we belong to an elite group of email marketing companies that go the extra mile to protect their customers. We follow the ESPC's good email practices guidelines, which dictate the use of good Opt-In procedures and clear communication with email recipients.
Benchmark Email never takes on customers who do not have Opt-In lists. This means that we turn away far more customers than we sign up. But this ultimately protects the reputation of all our clients, cutting back on abuse complaints and keeping our delivery score high.
Benchmark has created its own set of good practices, going well beyond that of other organizations. This includes encouraging customers to practice Double Opt-In (also known as Closed Loop Opt-In), a procedure used to verify a customer's subscription by sending them an email with a confirmation link.

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