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Targeted Bulk Email is Much Better Than Regular Bulk Email

Using bulk email and directly targeting your prospects and customers is always preferable to the shot gun approach, quantity is not better than quality

"The money is in the list" is a classic quote which completely describes what bulk email marketing is all about. List building requires a lot of patience and dedication. It can also become a time consuming process. However, you can expect high returns from such a list. Once you get enough email addresses, segment them into different groups and send exclusive emails for each one, rather than sending the same mail to all and sundry. A targeted email list is one where you focus on the needs, likes and dislikes of every single customer you have.

When you develop a targeted list, you can come up with an email marketing campaign that’s a lot more customized and personalized. A targeted email list helps you to interact with people who share your interests or require your products and services in a language, tone and style that appeals to them. Your clients, in turn, feel that you take their interests very seriously and that they are valued.

With a targeted list, you will always have a group of loyal customers. For instance, if you are a bookseller and have a chain of retail outlets, then you can segment your list into people who prefer certain genres of books, age-groups, most valued customers etc. You can also classify your list on the basis of the purchases your customers make. This means you may have a separate category for people who make purchases between $300 and $500 or between $500 and $1000 or above $1000.

Unlike bulk email, targeted bulk email helps you to focus on building a strong and lasting relationship with your customers. With a targeted email list, you can have completely different communication styles for different classes of prospects and customers. You can communicate with them in a manner that they will be able to relate to. This will make your campaign a lot more dynamic. For instance, if you sell laptops, then you can develop different communications for students and businesspersons. In your email to students, you could position your laptop as an entertainment platform to share music, photos and stay in touch with friends 24X7. For businesspersons, you could position the laptop as a tool that will increase their efficiency with easy access to critical business-related information wherever they may be. On the whole, segmented lists empower you to establish better Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

Benchmark Email’s contact list segmentation feature allows you to create customized fields through which you can classify your email list better, a facility neither Constant Contact nor Bronto offer. Through in-depth list segmentation, Benchmark Email helps you deliver a far higher degree of personalization in communication.

To sum up, all we can say is that it’s better to send targeted bulk emails than a single mail to your entire list. A well-segmented email list is the key to a successful, effective and rewarding bulk email campaign.

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