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What is a Bulk Email Sender?

Being a bulk emailer requires a lot of responsibility.

The easiest part of sending bulk email, probably, is the sending bit. The challenge, however, lies in actually getting customers and prospects to:

  1. Open your email;
  2. Read it; and
  3. Respond to it, in an already over-communicated and overloaded inbox.

To make this happen, the very first step is to make it to your customer’s inbox without being marked as that most feared word in the email marketer’s lexicon – spam.

As a sender of bulk email, these are some good bulk email sending practices that will take you a long way in ensuring that your mail reaches the customer’s inbox and achieves its goals:

Use your own email list

How would you feel if someone showed up for lunch uninvited? Well, we’re exaggerating a bit, but unsolicited email is like that – an uninvited email in your mailbox! Instead of taking shortcuts, take the time and effort to build your own email list. This guarantees a high-quality recipient list that actually wants to get your email. Leading email marketing service providers like Benchmark Email will always make certain that you provide your own email list rather than rent or buy them.

Beat the spam filters

Unless you have tons of time to track constantly changing email delivery rules, the surest way of beating spam filters is to send your emails through a reputed bulk email sending service. Good bulk email sending services typically have affiliations with email and Internet service providers (ISPs) to optimize email delivery. Benchmark Email, for example, is a member of The Email Sender & Provider Coalition (ESPC) and Return Path, which verify the use of the best email practices to give you the best delivery rates in the industry. In addition, Benchmark Email is fully CAN-SPAM Act compliant so you never end up on the wrong side of the law.

Give recipients a choice

While customers may have chosen to receive your email some time ago, it is possible that their interests and needs have changed. As a responsible sender of bulk email, you must give recipients a choice to opt out of your email list. You can do this by providing a simple, one-click unsubscribe link at the bottom of your email. In fact, it may even be legally necessary to provide an unsubscribe link in some countries. Benchmark Email, for its part, makes it mandatory to include this in all email marketing campaigns.

Never send a virus

It may seem obvious, but really, customers will not appreciate you sending them a virus in your email even if you’re telling them you will be distributing currency notes to anyone in Times Square. Always check your emails for viruses before sending them or use an email marketing service provider who will ensure this never happens.

So these are some practices you could follow as a responsible sender of bulk email. While you may have to make sacrifices in the near-term, it is always better to play by the rules to benefit in the long run.

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