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What is 'HTML For Email' and how to use it effectively

Exactly how do I go about creating that HTML email?

Before HTML based emails arrived on the email marketing scene, businesses relied on plain text emails to communicate with clients. Now, they send emails with brilliant graphical content, links to different web pages and even online surveys in simple emails. One of the several advantages of an HTML email message is that it can carry your branding and look like your own website. You can include pictures, charts and design it in a way that will leave your clients awestruck. So what can you include in an HTML based email?

Graphics & Videos

Graphics make your email colorful and pleasing to the eye. In HTML based emails, you can include dazzling images that add aesthetic value to your communication that your readers will find more appealing than plain text emails. After all, an image speaks a thousand words and this dictum is true because your clients will understand your message much better through images and text rather than just plain text. If you use Benchmark Email, you can even add videos to your email easily by simply dragging videos to your email layout. However, it is important to use graphics and videos judiciously because too many images make your email heavy and difficult to open. Emails overloaded with images and videos will set off spam filters and may never reach your clients. Even if it does, they may not be able to see what your mail contains.


Links are extremely useful for two reasons. Firstly, they can make you campaign more interactive because you can add leads to articles or commentaries by experts in your field. Secondly, they reduce the overall length and size of the email. For instance, if you are a supplier of water filters, then you can add a video of how the filters work on your website and provide a link in the email. Links will ensure that the emails do not take much time to open.


The overall look of the newsletter makes a lot of difference. You may include great content but your clients will not read it if they do not like the overall look of the email. If you plan to use a dark font color then use a light background shade, preferably white. Avoid the use of an image for the background, unless you are certain that your customers use a mail client that automatically downloads images.

Creating HTML emails can become a very tedious job, even if you are familiar with HTML. Instead, you can approach a professional email marketing service provider like Benchmark Email. Benchmark offers a range of readymade templates for email newsletters, cards, promotions, event invitations or pretty much any email communication. With their Email Builder, you can even customize the templates to incorporate your company logo, contact details, links, and graphics.

HTML email is a very powerful and effective marketing tool; if used well, you can leverage it to build strong relationships with clients, increase sales and boost traffic to your website.

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