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Who is your html email to and what is your email from address?

Your from address maybe more important than you think

In today's cyber age every person receives numerous emails every single day. Separating junk mail from mail that you actually want to read can be a frustrating and tiresome task. Despite your best efforts, spam mail somehow manages to find its way into your inbox with disturbing regularity. As an email marketer, it is your duty to not contribute to your recipients’ daily angst. This is possible by enabling email authentication. By doing so, webmail clients such as Outlook, Hotmail, and MSN would provide your recipients with your sender details. The email authentication service offered by Benchmark Email prominently displays your Sender ID within your email header. Seeing your name and email address in the ‘From’ field allows recipients to instantly recognise your email and helps them separate it from junk or spam mail.

Nowadays ISPs are tackling the issue of spam in their networks with a vengeance. Email authentication is being used by all big ISP's such as Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo! and AOL. These ISPs are able to filter out suspected spam emails and validate the authenticity of emails. Such authentication allows them to ascertain that the email has been issued from an authentic source. Providing your sender details in the 'From' field protects your reputation and prevents your emails from being mistaken for spam mail.

Recipients too benefit from this as it allows them to authenticate the source of the email. This basically means that if an email seems to arrive from a particular domain, when it is really arriving from a different domain, the receiver of the email is able to confirm the validity of the source of the email depending on extra header information contained in the message. This is an excellent way to put an end to the problem of spoofing and phishing.

When sending an email message it is not only the information in the ‘From’ field that is important. It is also important that you enter the right email address in the 'To' field. Placing the right person in the email 'To' field means you are reaching the right target audience. The easiest way to find the right email ‘To’ person is to let current as well as potential clients register themselves on your website by entering their email address. When such people register it means they are interested in receiving your emails and other information. With these email addresses you can now create an effective email distribution list with which you can reach out to the right audience. Placing these email addresses in the email ‘To’ field and sending your email to all those on your compiled distribution list will give you far more effective results than entering random email addresses that were purchased and sending out mass emails to unknown recipients.

Providing your address in the 'From' field allows your recipients and ISPs to validate the authenticity of your email messages. Similarly, addressing your messages to the right target audience will play a huge role in giving you the kind of results that you want. So before you start sending out your email messages remember: the 'From' and 'To' address fields in your email are extremely important and must be given due attention.

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