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Autoresponder Campaigns: 3 Ways They Help You Send Emails

If you like to create email marketing campaigns that truly stand out, and love a low-maintenance plan when it comes to promoting your goods, an autoresponder is the perfect bet for you. An autoresponder, a tool that lets you send out sequenced, scheduled email campaigns, can save you time, bring you more sales and even boost a special event or sale you have planned for the future. Here's how an autoresponder can help the average email marketer, and what to think about when you send autoresponder email campaigns:

You Can Schedule Your Sends in Advance

When sending emails, there's no need to rush through to your scheduled send date and leave things to the last minute. If you can edit a block of emails and templates in one sitting, you can easily plan out your campaigns in advance. With an autoresponder, all you need to do is upload your email templates, set up the date you want them to go, and you're good to go. The best part of autoresponders is that if you send email, they can be scheduled for delivery well in advance. You can set up your autoresponder campaigns to leave weeks, months or even a year in the future.

They Give You the Chance to Inject Variety into Your Campaigns

One thing is for certain, an autoresponder campaign is the perfect way to pump up a sale or big event. Why? Because autoresponders let you set up a huge block of emails that do a variety of things. For instance, if you're promoting a big party, you can send email campaigns and set up a block of autoresponders that lead up to it, all with different intents and purposes, including giving a sneak peak of the guest list in one, showing the venue in another, and even another that gives the details on what people can expect, gift-wise, at the door.

They're a Great Way to Pick up New Recipients

Each time you set up an autoresponder campaign leading up to a sale or otherwise, do your best to use the forward-to-a-friend feature at all times. The reason is simple. Once word gets out that you're having a big sale or special event, your recipients will forward your emails to their friends. If you send emails that really interest the reader, there's a good shot you'll pick up plenty of their friends as readers as well. Don't miss out on the forward-to-a-friend feature to grab new clients and potential sales when you're sending email.

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