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Bulk Email Marketing: 4 Great Copy Tips

When it comes to writing, bulk email marketing copy is one of the toughest games out there. It has to be interesting but truthful, exciting but not full of too much hype. If you're an email marketer using bulk email software and you've struggled with walking these fine lines, we suggest reading on for four great tips to make your email marketing copy sing.

Define your customer's persona and write in the appropriate tone

The first step in creating great bulk email marketing copy is defining who your customer is, what their needs are and how you can speak to them on that level. For instance, the email marketing subscriber that buys discount products is practical in nature, maybe a bit frugal with their money, and interested in a good bargain that saves them time and cash. On the other hand, the email marketing customer that buys high-end, expensive brands likes grander things and puts a great value on status, looking good and luxurious texture and form. While every person is different, you can define a common thread in your customers and come up with a sort of writing persona that speaks to who they are, en masse. If your customers are practical, write to them like practical friend would, speaking directly to their needs in plainer language. If your customers are luxury focused, have a bit more fun with your language, using imagery and sleek description to draw them into buying your products and services.

Look to the major email marketers for copy ideas

The big email marketers – from Best Buy to Bloomingdales – work hard to craft content that sucks the reader in and makes them feel like they can't live without a certain product. While companies like these often have a team of professional writers on staff to craft each email or newsletter, you can duplicate this effect by using your inbox as a sort of school for writing email copy. Spend a serious amount of time reading what pops into your inbox. Sign up for email newsletters from the top companies and view the way they use personalization, economy of language, colorful description and more to make a sale with their bulk email marketing campaigns.

Watch your length

This isn't so much a copy tip as a readability tip. Bulk email marketing campaigns need to have a wide reach, and the audience needs to be able to skim your emails to save time. When you send out a newsletter or email overloaded with copy using bulk email software, you immediately turn off the reader who probably doesn't have the time to read through a lot of email marketing text. So we recommend learning brevity. Use a few sentences underneath a product pic, but link back to landing pages that contain a lot of detail, giving the reader the choice of learning more without being overwhelmed by too much text.

Avoid over-complicated language – be conversational

A good sentence filled with arcane words and phrases might look good in a book, but not in a bulk email marketing campaign. Since you want to write in a direct manner, in a conversational, not too formal fashion, you'll need to avoid over the top, obscure words and phrases. Keep your email copy simple. You have to think about your audience based on an average type of person who reads your emails. Are your bulk email marketing recipients all Ivy League graduates with English literature degrees? No. Strike a tone that's both conversational and breezy, but interesting enough that the reader does not get bored and hit the delete button.

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