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Trends, Spam, Privacy and Regulation


Tagged Wins Lawsuit

Spammer Loses Big to Tagged

Tagged, the premier social networking site, has just won a default judgment to the cool tune of $200,000 against an individual who spammed its members. The ruling was issued this week by U.S. District Court Judge William Alsup, in the northern district of California. The court found that Erik Vogeler sent messages to over 6,000 Tagged users, and included links to an adult dating Web site. The damages were estimated at $25 per violation, for a total of $151,975. The extra $50,000 awarded damages went to paying attorneys fees. It was no surprise that Vogeler failed to appear in court to defend himself in this action.

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FTC Privacy Roundtable

FTC Privacy Roundtable Produces Shark Frenzy

Consumer protection head, David Vladeck, of the FTC, stated that the commission is poised to pose restraints on online advertisers who ignore consumer requests to avoid online advertising.

Vladeck is prepared to examine the practices that "undermine the tools that consumers can use to opt out of behavioral advertising," he said stated at the privacy roundtable. Law enforcement actions were slated to be announced later this year on the issue.

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Privacy Bill House

Expect a New Privacy Bill from the House

Consumers can expect a new Bill from the Democratic House regarding new online safeguards to privacy issues. These new measures are predicted to revamp current internet marketing efforts. The bill will have Republican support, as it is considered part of much needed regulations and gap fillers on the subject consumer privacy issues.

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Online Privacy

The New Face of Online Privacy

There is a new "i" in town, and it is carrying a lot of weight. Advertisers in the industry are agreeing to utilize a standard icon, a little "i" which will be used in online ads for demographical and behavioral data to inform consumers of what is new.

According to Jules Polonetsky, co-chairman and director of the Future of Privacy Forum, finding a universal symbol would resonate with consumers. Polonetsky states, "People will look at it, and once they know what it is, they’ll get it, and always get it."

When consumers get ads, starting around the middle of this summer, they will find an accompanying blue icon with the "i" which they can then click on. The icon will answer the question, "why did I get this ad?"

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Europe's Spam War

ENISA Agrees ISPs May Be Losing War Against Spam

The European Network and Information Security Agency (ENISA) has determined that European ISPs are only breaking even in the war against spam. According to a 2009 survey across 27 EU states, ENISA reports that ISP providers are spending between 10,000 Euros and upwards to seven figures for efforts to thwart spam going to the inboxes of the customers depending on their provider services.

Many customers are unaware of the time, effort and technology that is typically utilized to keep spam at bay. ENISA estimates that around 95 percent of each email that is sent is considered spam email.

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