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Trends, Spam, Privacy and Regulation


Spam Expert From Symantec In Favor Of Bill C-27

It's good to see that a security vendor, who deals with Internet safety threats regularly, is supporting the proposed anti-spam legislation in Canada.

The saga of the Canadian anti-spam laws is not likely to end anytime soon. Bill C-27, the proposed legislation, has evoked mixed reactions from the Canadian public. On one hand, the business community believes that the act might become a hindrance for online marketing while on the other; the general population supports the bill. In an action which is likely to please a majority of email users across Canada, Conservative MPs have decided to do away with exemptions they had approved earlier. With these exemptions discarded, businesses will have to get a prospective recipient’s permission before sending any mails.

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Time for Canada to Start Tackling Spam

Canada needs to enforce some anti-spam laws quickly; especially, if it wants to be perceived as an important player in fight against spam.

Bill C-27 - the Electronic Commerce Protection Act was introduced in spring last year. The act is a result of years of hard work to ensure that Canada does not become a 'spam haven'. Industry Minister, Tony Clement’s anti-spam bill has been able to make it steadily, yet slowly, through the legislative process. The Standing Committee on Industry was to carry out the final clause-by-clause review of the act earlier in October.

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Possible Intensification Of Anti-Spam Measures In Europe

Despite the unity among the members of the European Union (EU) against spam, there are considerable variations in the enforcement actions they take.

The European Commission recently said that members of the European Union have to do more to deal with the problem of spamming. A Commission funded report stated that there are considerable variations in the outcomes, despite the proactive stance taken by several member countries in support of the ban against spamming.

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Global Phishing Ring Bites The Dust

In what could be the biggest breakthrough in cybercrime, the FBI has recently busted a global phishing racket with a worldwide network. While it’s an important victory in the war against phishing, people need to be more vigilant than ever before.

Law enforcement agencies arrested 33 people in California, Nevada and North Carolina earlier in October as part of an international crackdown on phishing. The raid, called ‘Operation Phish Phry’ by the FBI, was aimed at over 100 people, which included 20 defendants who are in America and at large.

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Spam With Malicious Software Have Increased

The levels of spam with malware have spiked recently posing a more serious threat to email users than before.

The State of Spam report released by Symantec indicates that the numbers of spam with malicious attachments have gone up drastically since September. Senior Manager of Anti-spam Engineering for Symantec, Dylan Morss confirmed that there has been a definite increase in the percentage of emails containing viruses recently.

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