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Trends, Spam, Privacy and Regulation


Online Security Begins At Individual Level

The increase in hijacking of email accounts has made it mandatory for users to change passwords frequently and take some more steps to counter this problem.

Software giant, Microsoft, recently highlighted the upsurge in hijacking of email accounts in their own email service, Windows Live Hotmail. The company warned users, through a blog post, that their accounts were getting hijacked by spammers. Users can access hijacked accounts but they have to share them, perhaps unknowingly, with the perpetrators.

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Are We Up For Email Postage Stamps?

Centmail is the latest trend in email that seeks to battle spam and help charitable organizations.

Researchers at Yahoo have come up with a new way to revitalize the concept of postage stamps for emails. The venture is called CentMail and it seeks to realize two objectives: to deal with spamming and help charitable organizations.

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Email Best Practices Apply to Everyone

Did the White House cross the line in their email marketing efforts to inform people about healthcare reforms?

Recently, the White House sent a string of emails to citizens telling them about the stand the government has taken on healthcare reforms. However, some recipients complained that those mails were ‘unsolicited.’ As a result, doubts were raised about the address gathering techniques employed by White House officials, which critics said, were on par with the ones used by spammers.

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Bulk Emailing Isn’t Always Bad

A clear example that demonstrates how the CAN SPAM Act was passed to preserve and improve standards of email marketing.

The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals recently sided with online marketing company, Virtumundo, and rejected a suit filed by an anti-spam campaigner. The court declared that there are certain ‘beneficial aspects of email marketing’ and that the CAN SPAM Act was not passed to stifle these aspects but to preserve them.

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Harvested Email Addresses Often Reap Unwanted Returns

Despite so many articles and information on the Internet on how one can collect email addresses legally, people still harvest them.

Recently, Miriam Slater from Santa Barbara and Sara Golden from Los Angeles filed a lawsuit against Tagged.com alleging that the social network deceived them into disclosing their contacts and sent misguiding advertisements to those email addresses.

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