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Trends, Spam, Privacy and Regulation


ISP To Launch Service That Informs Customers About Virus Infections

Comcast's automated pop-ups, which inform users about infections on their computers, is an important step to counter spamming and phishing.

Earlier in October, Philadelphia-based cable company, Comcast launched an automated service which warns broadband users about possible virus infections and malware on their computers. For example, a sudden surge in email traffic from a specific IP (Internet Protocol) address could mean that the system’s been hijacked by a virus, which uses it to send spam as part of a botnet.

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Your Domain Reputation Will Matter the Most

The introduction of domain-based reputation monitoring will enable marketers to achieve better delivery rates.

In what seems to be an encouraging trend, renowned Internet service providers have gradually started moving towards domain-based reputation monitoring. If this initiative takes off, legitimate email marketers can expect better email delivery rates.

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