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Trends, Spam, Privacy and Regulation


Spammer from New Zealand Hit with Huge Fine

Leader of one of the largest spamming operations in the history of the Internet was ordered to pay US$15.5 million.

Spam, as we all know, is one of the most insidious evils of the Internet age. It amuses and profits only the senders. Which is why when people like Lance Atkinson get fined, spam receivers like you and me can rejoice. Lance Atkinson, a New Zealander now residing in Australia, was the ring leader of a massive spamming operation. Atkinson, along with his brother Shane and a Christchurch accomplice, Ronald Smits, sent 2 million spam emails in a span of three months, last year.

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Engagement Is the New Buzzword at AOL

To get on AOL’s enhanced whitelist (EWL), companies will need to have lower complaint levels and higher customer engagement.

In a move that signals the evolution of spam handling techniques by ISPs, AOL recently announced the creation of a new list that includes low spam complaint mailers where senders get their messages delivered with links and design unaltered. Known as the enhanced whitelist or EWL, this list will consider not only spam complaint levels, but also user engagement levels.

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Irrelevance: The Root Cause for 50% of Opt-outs

Out of customers who unsubscribe from email campaigns, 46% unsubscribe and move to different brands because of irrelevance of the promotional offers.

In an eye-opening research study conducted by CMO Council and InfoPrint Solutions, it was found that customers were increasingly unsubscribing from email lists because the promotional communication they were receiving did not resonate with them. Nearly half of them suggested they would think about terminating a brand relationship because the offers they were getting didn’t appeal to them while 22% of the respondents went so far as to say they would definitely switch brands if they continued receiving such communication.

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