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Trends, Spam, Privacy and Regulation


FTC Privacy Roundtables Focus on Marketers and Data Usages

The Federal Trade commission is holding three privacy roundtable events regarding the data usages of marketing companies. The first event, held on Dec. 7, highlighted data collection practices in online and offline use, and included consumer expectations on self-regulation. The second roundtable was held in Berkely, California on Jan. 28 and it focused on the way technology affects consumer privacy, including ways that the privacy of the consumer is threatened and which privacy-enhancing means are the most appropriate to employ. The third event is scheduled to take place on March 17 in Washington, D.C., and will focus on issues regarding safeguarding health date and sensitive consumer information available in electronic form.

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Return Path Survey Shows US Tough Road to Consumer Inbox

Many companies in the business of reaching its customers online assume that it is an easy endeavor to send an email to the customers on its customer based listings. In fact, it is not so easy to ensure that the messages sent to customers will get to them at all. Delivering an email to a consumer inbox is easier if the company sending the email is a European marketing entity. In the U.S. and neighboring Canada, stricter rules prevent around 20% of emails from ever getting through. This means that only 80% of the permission-based commercially marketed emails sent arrived at the intended destination. These figures, according to the survey, show an increase as noted from the first six months of the year.

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Tagged Wins Lawsuit

Spammer Loses Big to Tagged

Tagged, the premier social networking site, has just won a default judgment to the cool tune of $200,000 against an individual who spammed its members. The ruling was issued this week by U.S. District Court Judge William Alsup, in the northern district of California. The court found that Erik Vogeler sent messages to over 6,000 Tagged users, and included links to an adult dating Web site. The damages were estimated at $25 per violation, for a total of $151,975. The extra $50,000 awarded damages went to paying attorneys fees. It was no surprise that Vogeler failed to appear in court to defend himself in this action.

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FTC Privacy Roundtable

FTC Privacy Roundtable Produces Shark Frenzy

Consumer protection head, David Vladeck, of the FTC, stated that the commission is poised to pose restraints on online advertisers who ignore consumer requests to avoid online advertising.

Vladeck is prepared to examine the practices that "undermine the tools that consumers can use to opt out of behavioral advertising," he said stated at the privacy roundtable. Law enforcement actions were slated to be announced later this year on the issue.

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Privacy Bill House

Expect a New Privacy Bill from the House

Consumers can expect a new Bill from the Democratic House regarding new online safeguards to privacy issues. These new measures are predicted to revamp current internet marketing efforts. The bill will have Republican support, as it is considered part of much needed regulations and gap fillers on the subject consumer privacy issues.

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